Here Are The Ways To Optimize Blogs Posts With SEO

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Get your blog posts noticed with these simple yet effective search engine optimization techniques used by the experienced SEO professionals in Kolkata.

If you are having a blog page, the maximum chance is that you already know and understand the significance of business blogging. Besides this, there can be chances that you may not know how to optimize those blog posts in order to make those search-engine friendly. This is where an experienced team of SEO professionals in Kolkata come into the role.

The truth is that there are many bloggers who fail to use and take the benefit of the innumerable marketing potential of those blogs. In a recent study, it has been found that approximately sixty percent of websites have a blog page, and sixty-five percent of the owners of those blog pages have not yet updated in the last few years. So, by offering fresh, quality, and relevant contents and with the use of the best optimization techniques, you can get your blog page noticed by the maximum. Here are the easiest ways.

  • Do your research work: – Keyword research is important to optimize a page. With this, you can naturally include the keywords with quality contents written on any relevant topic. There are so many tools and strategies to find out the related keywords that are relevant to your website or your business. For example, the Google Ad-words tool and many more. These keywords also act as the spy to have an eye on your contending websites and on what keywords are they working to boost their rank.
  • Use the keywords all over your post: – Once you have got some valuable and relevant keywords, it is the right time to place those keywords or phrases in places where they can affect the readers and the blog in the best way. It is suggested to include the keywords in the title of the content, in the summary, in the introductory sentence, in the concluding paragraph, anchor text, and also in the tags or meta descriptions if there is any.
  • Optimize the images: – Whenever you are uploading any image to your blog, make sure to include the keywords in the blog file name and also fill in the text fields briefly. Keyword-rich descriptions of any photo work well to optimize blog posts.
  • Refer with links: – Where you are using the keywords in your blog, mention of hyperlink those phrases that is include a link to those keywords you are using in the content. It is good for not only blogging but also for receiving backlinks. Quality links in a blog are the most valuable commodities for a website that is looking forward to rank high in the search engines.
  • Let the readers subscribe your blog: – Include feed subscription buttons or RSS(Read Simple Syndication) to let the readers or viewers subscribe your posts. This will help the followers to get instant notifications of the latest posts or blogs without even opening the page and checking the site again and again for the new updates or blogs.
  • Use social media for broadening the reach of the blog posts: – Most of the people use different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, etc to get connected to many. So, why not use these channels for optimizing your blog page? So, post or share the blog links on these pages instantly or schedule them ahead of time.

Get these done by the experts of the best digital marketing company in Kolkata to encourage high ranks in SERP(Search Engine Results Page), high rates of customer conversations, and high web traffic.