What Are Some SEO Trends To Explore In 2022? An Updated List

SEO Trends in 2022

The SEO industry, just like algorithm updates, is very unpredictable. This blog is all about some trends in SEO service in Kolkata to look for in the coming year. 

There can be some repetition of 2021 SEO trends in 2022. This is because some features are here to stay as long as the SEO industry survives. Google trends also describe the keyword trend that is eventually coming down for Voice Search. Let’s find out what’s in store for a search engine optimization agency in Kolkata

Search Engine Optimization or SEO Trends In 2022 

SEO Localization

Local businesses are going to witness more traction from Google because of a definite push toward local search results. This indicates that focus must be put on generating quality reviews on Google My Business. Over the past few months, there has been a rapid rise in country-specific content and businesses benefitting from local search results. 

Customer Retention, Analysis And Lifetime Value

SEO has been evolving a lot over the years. In 2022, businesses have to work harder for bridging the gap between ROI and web traffic. This year, a major area of focus will be behavioural data analytics. With Google changing at a quick pace, revenues and conversions have become more significant than ever. In 2022, keyword volume will take a backseat. 

Brand SERP Optimization, Graphs And Knowledge 

Keeping a close watch on knowledge panels as well as brand SERPs will also bear importance this year. Moreover, understanding who you are and what are your offerings will hold extreme value for other brands. There can even be a start of personalizing knowledge graphs. With so much information about you, Google can scale up the procedure of customizing knowledge graphs. 

Mobile SEO 

Ensuring that your website performs astoundingly for mobile devices is something you should take care of in 2022. This year is the year for mobile device user experiences. Furthermore, simplicity will be the key to a user-friendly website design. Google will simply ignore your desktop site and focus on mobile sites for determining your rankings. 

Long-Form Content

This is a trend that is going to help you outrank your competitors in the coming year. Consistent publishing of long-form, as well as relevant content on your website, can explore new heights for your business. However, the content must adhere to E.A.T guidelines and must be 2000-word long or more. Well-written long-form content can also cross the 2000-word threshold and rank up to the 3000-3500 wordmark. 

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