What Are The Kinds Of Keywords In SEO Necessary For Conversion?

keywords in seo

By the term ‘conversion,’ an SEO service agency in Kolkata means the maximum optimization of SEO Services. Appropriate keywords target a wider audience in no time. 

Day-by-day, the SEO service in Kolkata is rising to fame. And it directly paves the way for rich keywords. However, for organic traffic, you must experiment with different keywords. Find out the various kinds of keywords you can use for SEO. 

Take Advantage Of These Keywords In SEO

Short-term Fresh Keywords

  • Fresh keywords suggest any relevant keywords that are becoming popular recently. You can easily optimize fresh keywords’ explosive search volume for attracting more organic traffic. However, there may be a harsh fall when the hype ends.
  • The short-term fresh keywords are explosive and medium competitive in nature. However, they have a high conversion rate and may be ideal to develop up-to-date content for the audience. 

Short-Tail Keyword

  • Short-tail keywords indicate short keywords. These are made up of three or fewer words. They are also known as the head keyword in some places. These keywords have a great amount of search volume and are highly competitive in nature. 
  • For attracting the viewers at the initial step, brands use short-tail keywords. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to pinpoint the actual search intent for these keywords. 

Long-Tail Keyword

  • These are keywords more than 3 words long. Long-tail keywords are much more specific and understandable than short-tail ones. They have relatively lower search volume in comparison to the short-tail keywords. 
  • The most relevant thing you might know is that these keywords can easily bring out the search intent. When you get a clear idea of what the searcher is looking for, you can easily share your suitable brand information with them. 

Evergreen Keyword

  • As the name suggests, evergreen keywords are those which are relevant almost all the time. The search volume may change every now and then but there will be no extreme impacts. 
  • The views in the case of an evergreen keyword may not be explosive. But they will always remain consistent. Content-rich with evergreen keywords is generally educational and informative. 

Customer Attracting Keyword

  • A business is simply nothing without a customer. Keywords focussing on them is what we know as customer attracting keywords. For example, if they are female or male? Or what is their age? Where do they belong? Etc.
  • You can extract the most benefit with more and more details. Make sure to target your audience clearly and focus on their pain points as well. 


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