What is Semantic Search And How You Can Take Advantages Of It?

semantic search concept

Semantic search is a new concept in SEO service in Kolkata. It refers to the data searching technique where a search query aims at finding the intent of keywords. 

Intent and content are two important terms in Semantic search. Intent refers to the term a user searches for and content gives meaning to any search. Let’s know more about semantic search from the biggest SEO service agency in Kolkata

2 Most Important Components In Semantic Searches

  • Knowledge Graph

One of the first and undoubtedly the most significant steps by Google was the creation of Knowledge Graph. Google made the first introduction of the concept of things and not strings. The knowledge graph is a massive database including tons of data relevant to public domain information. These may include bits and pieces of data from everywhere. 

  • Search Entities

Search entities are an integral part of semantic search as they allow the bots to comprehend the user intent query.  Especially, when mapping lots of verified sources for an answer. This, ultimately, indicates the importance of developing your unique semantic entities. This is where structure data comes into play. If you use it correctly, structure data can convey more data about a website to both, the search engines and the users.  

What Are The Benefits Of Semantic Search?

It Creates Simple Yet Useful Content

  • Semantic search helps you to develop simple and attractive content with all the necessary information. All you have to do is take care that the information you are providing in your content is easily understood. 
  • When users understand your content easily and value your content, then there are chances of search engines comprehending them, too. 

Relatable Terms

  • Whenever you think of creating content, try integrating more relevant words. For instance- You are going through an article about the Polar Bear.  You are very likely to find words like “Ice, Pacific Ocean, Mammal, and animal” in the article. 
  • Identifying the correct words and including them in your content can convey the true meaning of your content to the search engine. This will ultimately promote visibility. 

Semantic Keyword Search

  • Keywords were and still are a significant aspect of Search Engine Optimization. Hence, you must never stop looking for keywords that can provide more benefits to your website. 
  • However, the case is different in semantic search. Because here, you ought to know how to differentiate and utilize the keywords that may provide benefit to your website. 


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