What Is The Basic Definition Of Sitemaps And Why Is It Significant?

sitemap importance in websites

The sitemaps help Google to search for the page of your website. Discover its importance from this blog by the best top digital marketing agency in Kolkata. 

A sitemap is basically a file where you provide information about the pages, content and video on your site to the search engines. Moreover, it creates a significant link between the search engine and website pages. This is the reason why each digital marketing agency Kolkata uses a sitemap for their website. 

Two Different Types Of Sitemaps 

  1. XML Sitemaps
  • XML sitemaps enable Google to discover as well as navigate your website. They offer search engines a website URL and also provide the complete map of each website page. Furthermore, it helps search engines crawl the website along with prioritizing the pages. These are ideal for large websites where it generally takes a long time to crawl the site map. 
  • Each site has a specific crawl budget. Hence, no search engine will crawl the entire URL the initial time. So, the XML site map is the best way to give the site map to the search engine. Along with the priority pages that you wish it to crawl first. 
  1. HTML Sitemaps 
  • These site maps often push the complete site map to the search engine for crawling. It consists of a clickable list of pages on the website that you may find on the website’s bottom footer. Moreover, HTML sitemaps are a perfect match for smaller websites. 
  • Sometimes, HTML sitemaps that list all present subpages can appear quickly confusing on very large websites. However, for smaller websites, you can list all subpages on a particular HTML page. While using HTML sitemaps it is necessary to ensure that there are no more than 800 links on a page. 

Why Are Sitemaps Significant? 

A number of search engine optimization tips and tricks can help you to optimize a website. One of such is a sitemap. Moreover, the significance of sitemaps is largely underestimated. As the name implies, a sitemap is a literal map of the website. Sitemaps make navigating the website easier. Hence, when you have an updating sitemap for your website, it is good both for you and the search engine.

They are an important way for a website to communicate with the search engine. Further, sitemaps are not a new concept because they have always been a part of the best practices of web design. With the adoption of sitemaps by search engines, it has become all the more vital to use them accurately. 


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