What Is The Difference Between Universal Analytics And GA4?


Ever since Google announced the release of Google Analytics 4, every SEO service in Kolkata wants to use it. Let’s see how is it different from Universal Analytics. 

GA4 or Google Analytics 4 refers to the features it will bring to the analytical board. They will consider how you will get your brand set up on the platform. Moreover, with the help of an SEO service agency in Kolkata, you don’t have to worry about losing your historical data. 

The Differences Between Universal Analytics And Google Analytics 4? 

  1. Various Measuring Models 

The greatest difference between GA4 and Universal Analytics is the measurement model that they optimize. While universal analytics utilizes a measurement model depending on pageviews, GA4 uses something else. On the other hand, Google Analytics 4 uses a measurement model that depends on parameters and events. The key element here is that you can capture almost any interaction as an event. Consequently, all Universal Analytics convert to events in GA4. 

  1. Eliminating Monthly Hit Limits 

Another big difference between GA4 and Universal Analytics is the reduction of monthly hit limits. In the free version of Universal Analytics, you will get a monthly limit of 10m hits. However, that’s not the case with GA4. The latter consists of a limit on the number of various events you want to capture. Additionally, at the time of writing, there is no particular limit to the volume of hits you can collect. 

  1. Free Connection To BigQuery 

The key difference between GA4 and Universal Analysis is the former’s connection to BigQuery. Initially, this feature was available only for GA360 customers. For people who aren’t familiar with BigQuery, it helps you to query large data sets very rapidly. You must be well aware of the issue if you have even created complex segments in GA. Big Query takes the information out of GA and provides you with the ability to question it without the sampling issue. 

Top 4 Categories In GA4 Events 

  • Automatic events

These are the events that are automatically tracked when you install the base code for GA4. 

  • Custom events 

These are parameters as well as events that you can make and implement depending on the website’s needs. 

  • Improved measurement events 

You can enable or disable these events depending on your site’s functionality. These events include outbound clicks, scrolls, video engagement and site search. 

  • Recommended events 

Finally, these are the events that Google will recommend you set up. 


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