What Is The Impact Of Web 3.0 Marketing On The Digital World?

web 3.0 importance

It is important to craft your digital marketing strategies for specific audiences for better reach. Know about Web 3.0 ’s importance from digital marketing agencies, Kolkata.

It has been long since the emergence of the first Web, way back in the early 90s by Tim Berners-Lee in Switzerland. Since then, there have been massive changes in its technologies and now we are on the verge of embracing Web3.0.  With Web 3.0, women, men, machines & businesses will be able to trade value, information & work with global counterparts they don’t know or yet explicitly trust, without an intermediary. According to the best digital marketing agencies in Kolkata, the most important evolution enabled by Web3.0 is the minimization of the trust required for coordination on a global scale. 

What Are The Major Concepts In Web 3.0?

  • Virtual reality worlds are places users visit to interact with others from around the world in a 3-D setting. Meetings are being conducted in these spaces, and trade shows are being replaced with virtual reality shows. 
  • Customization allows visitors to create a more personalized experience. They are starting to expect their name to appear at the top of Web sites, personal emails, and even advanced checkout options that suit their buying habits. As the Web becomes more and more intelligent, the demand for customized applications will be on the rise. 
  • Microblogging is the ability to share your thoughts with a set number of characters. While this concept is fairly new, in the near future it has the potential to take the digital world by storm. People have limited time now. So, when you can share your story within say 140 characters, then why not use it, right?

Benefits Of Using Web 3.0 And Its Impact On Digital Marketing?

  • Web 3.0 will fundamentally expand the scale & scope of both human and machine interactions far beyond our imagination.
  • It will enable us to interact with any individual or machine in the world, without having to pass through fee-charging middlemen.
  • The shift from the current business model will enable a whole new wave of previously unimaginable businesses. These can range from global co-operatives to decentralized autonomous organizations and self-sovereign data marketplaces.

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