What Is The Relevance Of An Orderly SEO Audit For Your Website?

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If you are familiar with SEO services in Kolkata, then you might know how a systematic SEO audit helps your website. Get a detailed insight into it with this article.

An SEO audit has a lot of similarities to your car getting an oil change. It helps to extend the life of your website. Unlike other companies, don’t perform a website audit once and forget it. Perform it regularly if you wish to become an optimal SEO service agency in Kolkata

Why Is A Regular SEO Audit Important For Your Business?

To be precise, an SEO Audit acts as a check-up for your website. It indicates going through your present SEO strategies and determining what has made your website successful. Here are some reasons why you should conduct a regular SEO audit:

  • Webmaster Guidelines

If there is something continuously evolving, then that’s webmaster guidelines. You have to make sure you follow their recommendations well. If you are optimizing webmaster tools from Google or Bing, they will describe where there are problems. 

  • Algorithm Transformations

Search engines update their algorithms occasionally for providing better search results. The algorithms are how search engines calculate where your site pops up in search results. Hence, you have to make sure you are up-to-date with the latest transformations in order to rank well. In fact, Google made more than 7 updates last year alone!

  • Link Profile

One thing that search engines are still depending on largely is incoming links to your websites. This means that other sites are linking to your website. You have to keep a constant check because it can change regularly and have associations with bad sites. This can damage your ranking extensively. 

  • Out-Of-Date Content And Website Faults

A lot of people tend to miss this step. Out of date content can ruin your site not only for ranking but also because visitors are viewing the outdated content. They also may ask questions regarding this. What’s even more surprising is how often these links break. If people are not staying on your page, remove or fix it.

  • Benchmarking

Regular SEO audits show you the progress of your website and also provide you with a track record. Additionally, looking at this regularly indicates that it will be easier to move back and undo strategies that did not work. Trying to push back several years when you built your website will be an extremely difficult task. So, continue with benchmarking as well.


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