Which Is The Best SEO Plugin Among Yoast SEO And Rank Math?

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Your website will never be able to reach a wider audience without an SEO service in Kolkata. So, read this blog and find out which is the best SEO plugin. 

Till now, everyone relied on Yoast SEO as their go-to plugin. Because it has beneficial content recommendations as well as a quick setup process. But Rank Math is also gaining popularity for various reasons. Let’s understand the concept from the point of view of an SEO service agency in Kolkata

Top Features Of Yoast Vs Rank Math SEO PLUGIN

  • Keyword Optimization

An SEO plugin is the best way for optimising your pages for a focus keyword. Yoast SEO as well as Rank Math can do this. However, rank math allows you to optimize five keywords for each post. On the other hand, Yoast SEO allows you to assign only one keyword for your posts. Both tools are unique for giving you suggestions for optimizing keywords within the post editor. Additionally, Rank Math provides you with a numeric rating for your keyword optimizations where a score of above 80 is perfect. 

  • Optimizing Content 

Keywords and content optimization go hand in hand. But Yoast SEO offers you a reliability analysis and further boosts your SEO efforts. Just like keyword analysis, Yoast SEO determines a green light when an average user reads your article. On finding issues on your blog, Yoast SEO suggests improvement. Contradictorily, Rank Math offers you the same content readability suggestions. The most important factor here is a positive user experience which is a great ranking factor. 

  • Additional SEO Tools 

As your SEO information grows, you may want to access tools that will help you post optimization. For example, both Yoast SEO and Rank Math provide:

  1. Google Search Console Integration
  2. XML Sitemaps 
  3. Social Media Optimization
  4. Automatic canonical URLs 
  5. Site Verification
  6. SEO Breadcrumbs 
  7. Schema Markup 

Further, Rank Math offers relatively more tools for free. For example, you can get features like internal linking as well as high-performance keywords. It helps you to redirect your users to a new page. 

  • Easy To Operate 

When it comes to a straightforward and intuitive operation, both these tools are a good choice. They offer interactive wizards that help you through every step. However, you will find Rank Math with two modes. The first is easy and the second one is advanced. In the case of Yoast SEO, it comes with a traditional dashboard that hardly changes over the years. So, both of them are quite easy to function. 


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