Why Is SEO Audit Important For Your Website? Key Steps To Perform

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Search Engine Optimization Agency in Kolkata will help you boost website traffic with top SEO tools. Read to know how SEO audit contributes to your website’s performance. 

From enhancing the user-friendliness of your website to simplifying navigation, conducting proper SEO site audits is important. SEO service providers in Kolkata are well aware of the technical know-how. If your content has relevant information that satisfies a user’s search query, your website has a better chance of getting recognized. Moreover, they can make recommendations on how to enhance outputs by tracking your implemented strategy.

What Are The Techniques That You Need To Follow For An Seo Audit?

  • Register Your Website With Google Webmaster Tools

Once your ownership with Google is complete, you have access to major sections. This includes Search Queries, Links to Your Site, Crawl Errors, HTML improvements, and Sitemaps. This tool helps you maintain your website by performing speed optimization, security scans, and preventing privacy breaches. 

  • Make Link Building A Priority: 

When it comes to enhanced search engine rankings, attract reputable links from reliable sources. You need to keep in touch with webmasters, publishers, and bloggers, to understand the top trends in the industry. Also, search engines recognizing your content can gain your business the much-needed exposure it needs. 

  • Your Website Should Be On Google Analytics: 

This allows you to gather data about the users that visit your website. When your visitor comes to the website, do they leave or do they visit additional pages? What device are they using to visit your website? Is it optimized for a user? There is an abundance of information that you can gather from Google Analytics and it proves to be one of the most useful tools. 

  • URL Redirects And Duplicate Content: 

In Google Webmaster Tools, under “HTML Improvements,” addressing the duplicate title tags will boost your site’s user experience and performance. Another benefit is that by redirecting your URLs you ensure your users and the search engines will not have to encounter any website error messages.

  • You Need To Submit XML Sitemap: 

After making changes to your site, producing a sitemap can ensure the major search engines can easily scan and also, index all the content on your site. 


An essential part of digital marketing is to understand what is working and also, what is not. With a clear-cut aim, you need to focus on metrics that will help you analyze your work. Make necessary changes and tweak your SEO strategies accordingly. This will help to keep a better pulse on current site health and progress. With the best SEO service company Kolkata on board, you get to earn the top spot in the competitive industry. 
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