Why Is The Structure Of A Google Ads Account So Important In Marketing?

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Google Ads are an effective strategy for luring suitable customers to your business. Take help from PPC services Kolkata to refine your ad structure

It goes without saying that today, the more successful and targeted your paid advertisements are, the more clicks they generate. Hence the more likely it is that they will attract new customers. Therefore, companies from many industries use Google Ads with the aid of a PPC and SEO service agency in Kolkata.

How important are Google Ads?

Google Ads is a platform for paid advertising that a PPC marketing company Kolkata strategizes. Here you, the advertiser, pay per click or impression (CPM) on an ad.

You may create and distribute targeted adverts to your target market on desktop and mobile devices using Google Ads. Your business will show up on the search engine results page when your target customers use Google Search. The reason behind this is to browse for products and services similar to yours (SERP). This will enable you to reach your target customers at the ideal moment for your viewers to see the advertisement. 

Appropriate structure of Google Ads

By designing your Google Ads account, you may choose how to activate your ads & when & where they should show. Lack of a well-structured account is equivalent to trying to operate a poorly constructed vehicle; mishaps are inevitable. Resulting in higher quality ratings, which in turn lead to superior outcomes and cheaper costs. In essence, your quality score represents how much Google likes you (and believe me, you want Google to adore you!).

Important Elements of the Google Ads Account Structure

  • Ad Groups: Each ad group will comprise keywords that relate to your text advertising and point to your landing page. Your marketing budget is set up at the campaign level. So, we advise choosing campaign subjects in accordance with how you want to allocate your cash.
  • Ad Groups: You should make pertinent, highly targeted ad groups for each campaign. There is no ideal number of ad groups for a campaign to have, but  it’s manageable to avoid going overboard. Why? Because doing so will spread your campaign budget across too many ad groups, keywords, ads, and landing pages. This in turn may have a negative impact on results.
  • Keywords: You may manage your ad by using keywords, included in each ad group. The search that someone enters into Google’s search box is popular by the name of a “search query.” It is subsequently matched with a keyword, which activates an advertisement.


Unrefined SEO is a long-term, PR-based effort to strengthen the brand and also reputation. Similar to other paid advertising formats, pay-per-click marketing needs proper management. Gettraffic, the best digital marketing agency in Kolkata, offers PPC services at competitive prices.